Bravo’s Work-Of-Art

Work of Art Cast

I’ve been watching Bravo TV’s, Work of Art – The Next Great Artist. (The Project Runway for fine artists).

First of all, don’t you think that it’s presumptuous calling it ‘The Next Great Artist’. Shouldn’t the winner of this game be vetted by some amount of time and at least a gallery show outside of the prize?

• I do like Miles, he does know how to make art, although his wood objects look clunky to me.  Plus the idea of seeing a big exhibition of his artwork may make me end up falling asleep, [as Miles did on his second project (It was a bed)].  I’m worried that all of his work in context would end up a bit dull.

• Jamie Lynn wasn’t really up to the challenge of Work-of-Art.  She is a good draftsman but maybe better suited for book illustration or something like that.  The New York art world would eat her alive.

• On the public sculpture project unfortunately the team with the large rock won by default, neither of the groups’ public works were that exciting, but props to both teams to be able to actually develop anything worth looking at in two days.

"Rainbow," Peregrine Honig. Courtesy NBC Universal / Credit: Barbara Nitke

• Episode-7 called “Child’s Play”, Peregrine’s piece was brilliant and unexpected for me. Especially from a reality show like this. Just the simplicity to create adult vices from children’s art supplies (as the cigarettes made from children’s chalk) was extraordinary and inspired.

• About the final installment of Work-Of-Art… I could go over the last few challenges leading up to the finale, but at this point it’s not too necessary.  One can  easily watch the episodes at the website below and catch-up.

I was actually surprised that it worked as well as it did considering the different strengths of each artist struggling to meet the current challenge.

Although, I wonder, who else watched except me and a few of the other artists who stood on line for 8 hours with their artwork in hand to audition for Work-of-Art.  If I stood online and didn’t become one of the cast, I’d definitely want to see the artwork of artists ‘chosen’.

Plus the fact that only had a blurb or two about the prospective show and not much more, which is a good indication of little buzz and probably a doomed second season.

As my epilogue for Work-of-Art, I think Peregrine should of won.  I really like Abdi but I think his work is a bit too self conscious, he’s thinking too much about the viewer.  Miles is two steps away from his work (sometimes, this is his process) but it does make the work appear a bit too cold. He would do good to look at Robert Motherwell and Willem de Kooning. Peregrine is the real thing, and I think the sophistication in her work can be easily overlooked because on the surface it appears childlike.

Whether there is another season of Work-of-Art or not, it was a valiant effort and a pretty good experiment.  Can this competition/reality show rise up to have any interest outside of a few fine art buffs with a yen for mass culture?  I guess we’ll see.

Author: alanbrownart

I am a bitter, jaded artist, but otherwise in a good mood generally.

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