Chuck’s guide to the art of failure

Upon re-reading some of my previous posts on Art and The Art World below, I’ve noticed some similarities to Chuck Connelly’s rantings, (without the drunkenness and the chain smoker’s voice).

I am hoping my sardonic humor overwhelms the flavor of bitterness.

For anyone who doesn’t know Chuck Connelly, here is a taste below:

Author: alanbrownart

I am a bitter, jaded artist, but otherwise in a good mood generally.

One thought on “Chuck’s guide to the art of failure”

  1. I guess every artist have this to some extent. I do believe artists see things in a different way and it is very frustrating if you don’t manage to cross over. and ofcourse there is the “ego” thing which is maybe the thing that actually helps them go through anything
    I like your works

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