The Muslim Community Center (Mosque) Near Ground Zero

I can’t believe how much I’ve been hearing about this Community Center in the news. I just can’t figure out what’s all of the hub-bub.

First of all FNN is calling it a Mosque over and over as if it’s going to be a sixteen floor, tile encrusted, religious Icon, with minarets and 20 Adhans on huge speakers calling all Muslims to prayer every day at 5 AM and having the size and power that rivals the Hagia Sophia.

The developers of this project want it to be a Community Center with a swimming pool and classrooms, meeting rooms, (and a Mosque), but open to the public, modeled after the Jewish Community Center on the upper west side.

Secondly, I want to address everyone who has hijacked this building as a ‘symbol’ for their own purposes:  It’s a symbol for good Muslims, it’s a symbol for bad Muslims, it’s a symbol for a tolerant, democratic United States, it’s a symbol for the United States being big pussies in the eyes of the world…

One object can’t be a symbol for 17 different opposing things.  If this is the case, it ceases to be a symbol for anything.

If you ever needed a reason for why the world is so fucked-up, this certainly could be one.

Author: alanbrownart

I am a bitter, jaded artist, but otherwise in a good mood generally.

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