Our Environment

Thanks greenbristolblog

I can’t believe that there is such a  big debate on global warming.

I was watching one of the last Bill Maher shows this season (Episode 190) where he had as guests, the wife of Carl Sagan and Seth MacFarlane.  Seth MacFarlane made the point that even if there is only a small chance that we (all people) are creating global warming,  that the problem should be addressed.  The conservative guest that night, Amy Holmes mentioned that the expense of changing to a cleaner energy source would be too expensive for us to bear with the government deficit.

First of all, I don’t think you have to be Carl Sagan to realize that sucking every bit of oil out from under the Earth and burning it on top of the Earth is bad for the environment. Let alone coal, gas and whatnot.  (Plus, I wonder what the side effects of removing all of the viscosity from the Earth by removing all of the oil? Are we going to have serious tectonic problems from this?)

Secondly, When Barack Obama was running for president he wasn’t talking about government paying for clean energy, he was talking about helping create an industry in this country at which we could have been on the forefront maybe better than our film or auto industry.  But Americans love having the Chinese make everything for us.  Now they are producing probably all of the solar panels.

If every home in the South and South West had solar panels on their roofs they could power not only their houses but their cars. That is like a third of the country.

The only environmental upside I can see is that oil is going be pretty much gone in the next 20 years or so.  Whatever little is left will be too expensive to suck out of the ground.  If by that time, rising tides don’t cause the displacement of millions who in turn will have be developed into areas where they then have to cut down more trees to accommodate them there by accelerating warming more… we’ll be in pretty good shape.