Why I Think Dr Keith Ablow is a Douche


Being a pop-psych doctor on TV doesn’t necessarily immediately qualify someone as a douche.  I have a great respect for Dr Drew Pinsky, even though I’ve heard him talk out-of-his-ass a few times about celebrities’ personality disorders without (I’m sure) ever having met them.   But I guess that is part of being a TV psychologist:  analyzing someone from afar and having the gift of being able to give an on the spot diagnosis.

What makes Keith Ablow seem like such a douche to me is the outrageous agenda that colors his diagnoses.  The first part of his agenda is that he is such a media whore, he’s written novels, he’s a celebrity life coach, he’s had a couple of failed talk shows, self-help books, etc, (see Bio).  By comparison Dr Drew emits a true sincerity and to me his pop diagnoses do not seem outrageous or irresponsible.

The agenda that irks me the most is Ablow’s affiliation with Fox News, it just completely rubs me the wrong way.  It’s obvious now that anything he says is slanted toward the Fox right agenda.  (And nothing against Fox per se, especially where politics are concerned, all is fair in love and war, and I’ve been known to be a Bill O’Reilly fan even though our politics tend to deviate most times.)  But the thought that some, supposed doctor could filter his prognosis through the distorted lens that is Fox News Broadcasting, just seems incredibly douchy and disgusting to me.

The most relevant example of Ablow’s douchyness comes with his amplified objection to Chaz Bono’s participation on Dancing with the Stars.  It irks me as much that he is media-whoring up a controversy to get on all of the news and talk shows, (most likely looking toward the future for some resolution to meet Chaz on some talk show couch. I’m sure he is just wishing that Opra was still on the air) as the fact that he is using homophobia or some type of xenophobia as the agenda for his objection to Chaz. Ablow says that children will see Bono as a role model to ‘kindle’ and emulate.  This is just an absurd assertion. Using myself as an example, no matter how much I want to be gay, I’m just not attracted sexually to men and I just don’t get the whole Lady Gaga thing.  To think that someone would want to change their gender on a whim is absurd.  If anything, Chaz should be respected and celebrated for his ability to make difficult decisions in his life in order to find the ultimate truth about his existence on this planet and for not towing the line of what the current status quo is for normalcy.

Ablow goes on and gives another example of why Chaz shouldn’t be on DWTS: that transgendered people do not go on to live physically as healthy lives as the non transgendered and if a child sees Chaz on TV they will then go on to live unhealthy lives.  This is such bullshit, basically he is saying that Jacky Gleason should not be on DWTS because kids would get fat and hilarious and go on to live unhealthy lives. (Obviously Jacky Gleason is dead and couldn’t appear on DWTS, but I couldn’t think of any other funny, fat people at the moment).  Or, OK, Carrot Top shouldn’t be on DWTS because he takes steroids and dyes his hair too much.  Or Elton John, because he wears bad glasses.  Or Tony Hawk because the kid watching DWTS will later go on to break their neck on a bike.  I can go on and on.

So, even though I hate Dancing with the Stars and probably won’t watch it, (I have too much on my plate as it is now with House Hunters, Survivor, now X Factor and America’s Next Top Model) .  I will still be rooting for Chaz though, remotely and passively while watching 2 Broke Girls… By the way, I didn’t even scratch the surface about the fact that Chaz looks like a dude and what kid watching DWTS would even know that he was formerly a girl at some past time anyway.

Post Script: Below is an Ablow attack on Bill Maher that is just stupid, douchy and colored by the Fox News agenda: