A Brundlefly of Science Merged with Religion

Have you noticed lately that the there has been this weird marrying of science and religion? There has been this Brundlefly created, where the definition of science has morphed into some kind of belief system and the true definition of science which comprises of theories that can be tested and verified has been thrown out the window.

At first the creationist movement seemed kind of quaint to me.  I seriously ached to go to the Creationist Park and Museum in Kentucky.  This idea that dinosaurs roamed the earth just a few thousand years ago has that Jurrasic Park kind of excitement attached to it, a fantasy just like any of the hundreds of weird sci-fi movies one can enjoy.

I was astounded when Todd Akin Innocently volunteered to a news reporter a few weeks ago his theories on ‘legitimate rape’.  How a woman’s eggs clench up when the rape is legitimate, somehow rationalizing that any woman’s pregnancy is from legitimate sex. He said he heard it ‘somewhere’, without divulging his source.  This was obviously the beginning of a difficult go at defending his anti-abortion stance. He never named who he had heard this ‘legitimate rape’ theory from, most likely from some brochure from an anti-abortion group.

The most dangerous melding of science and the bible has to do with the whole Anti Global Warming movement.  Anybody can point to some kind of research or study that debunks climate change but in my opinion it all stems from the belief that god created the Earth in a perfect form. Everything on Earth is for us, created by god, and therefore we can’t fuck it up.

Author: alanbrownart

I am a bitter, jaded artist, but otherwise in a good mood generally.

2 thoughts on “A Brundlefly of Science Merged with Religion”

  1. Alan, So similar to our thoughts at Skidmore with Heath, Zuc, Muff, and Lisa. I actually stay in touch with Zuc who now see’s Fish with those guys. All the best, and thank for there great memories. George Lowther

  2. Creation “science” is a rather large fish in a small barrel. Think about this: the belief that
    a god created the earth in a perfect form is in itself preposterous. First of all almost 70%
    of the earth is totally off limits to human habitation, unless we add gills to our anatomy.
    Secondly a considerable amount of real estate is vertical. Third, try removing your clothing and standing in the middle of the Gobi Desert , or the Canadian Tundra and see
    how perfect the earth feels there. Fourth, if earth was created in a perfect form then why is it constantly “re-forming” itself? Plate tectonics explains many things about volcanoes, the distribution of flora and fauna, and climate. Last, how good is a creator if
    99% of all creatures that have ever existed on this planet are now extinct? Waste on that order of magnitude is incomprehensible. Creationism is really just one more attempt in an endless series of attempts to shove religion into the heads of children through public education.

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