This is my ‘About Page’ – This is under construction for now but here is a pic of me:

You probably got here from my website but if somehow you got here by other means and you want to see some of my artwork (and other artists’ artwork you can see it here): http://www.alanbrownart.com/

I’ll give you stuff, such as my education, background and such.  As soon as I get some time…

I look very serious

This is also a pic of my kittie Chiyo:

My Kitty

Someone wrote this Bio for me below.  It’s a bit old and a bit ‘cheesy’ but I guess it works under the circumstances:

Native to New Jersey, Alan Brown has a long-standing career as a professional artist.   His work is extensively exhibited in the New York metropolitan area.

Brown has two degrees from New York schools; an M.F.A. from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn; and a B.S. in Fine Art from Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs.  His focus then and now has centered on oil painting.

Alan Brown’s style varies from photo-realistic to expressionistic, nearly always with the figure as the focus.  A current brochure about Brown’s painting explains,  “My recent work examines humanness in relation to the natural world.  The visual interplay is between figure, pattern, and object.  The objects and patterns in my paintings serve always to reflect back upon the figure.”

Currently Brown is rounding out his career in three artistic areas. First, as an accomplished portrait painter, Brown has had numerous commissions for oils and watercolors.  His portraits of judges and children are delightful and widely sought after.

Second, Brown indulges himself in personal expression through the fine arts –in pastels, oils, watercolor, and in the past, printmaking.

Third, yet another area of accomplishment, is graphic arts in which Brown does illustration, layout, and webmaster/design.  He has a growing list of clients who appreciate his web-design end products.  He is a designer who works well with people and accomplishes the goals of the client with professionalism and a rare pleasing aesthetic.

Mr. Brown has received a top award from The American Artists Professional League and an Honorable Mention at the Monmouth Museum.   His work has been written up in numerous articles in such resources as the New York Times, The Asbury Park Press, and The Home News.

Alan Brown’s work is in many prestigious collections.  His work in selected elected New Jersey collections include: The Offices of the Supreme Court; Jersey Shore Medical Center, Neptune; Union County Courthouse; the private collection of Jim Florio, former Governor of New Jersey, and in Pennsylvania at Dickinson University, Carlisle.


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Alan,
    your work is so beautiful. I stumbled upon it when searching for some inspiration in figure drawing and portraits on a google search. You have such a unique quality to your line and you capture lovely gestures in your figures. I am certainly inspired!
    I am working on a large scale printmaking body project with my professor over at Montclair State and your drawings are going to be very helpful in translating my self portrait.

  2. Alan, Just connected with Heath. Remember me from Skidmore with Zuc, Muff, Lisa, Etc. I like your art work, and may be interested in acquiring some. Drop me a line, and glad to hear you are well. George

    1. Most of the articles were from group shows, and before web history.

      I haven’t been showing my fine art lately, waiting for that perfect gallery.

  3. really … i love to see your artwork especially your life drawing figures …. they are so natural and beautiful…
    u know, im learning again to paint and draw since they told me it could release me from depress and stabilize my emotions…
    but i thought drawings are more than just matters of it … i love it … of coz, im so amateur artist ha ha ha :))

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